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CERELAC Infant Cereals

CERELAC Infant Cereals is the ideal first solid food as it is made easy to digest with Cereal Hydrolyzed Enzymatically (CHE) process and fortified with DHA, BIFIDUS BL probiotics and other vitamins and minerals.

CERELAC® - Let’s Eat!

Weaning is a new milestone for your baby! While it may take multiple attempts for a new food to be accepted by your little one, mealtimes are also important sensory play for their exploration. They learn as they smoosh, smash and even throw their food. Your messy little eaters are actually keen learners too! Foods not just fulfil hunger pangs or expand a child’s taste repertoire, but they also enhance their knowledge, experience and skill as they learn to grasp, hold and appreciate the food and eating moments.
For more than 150 years, Nestlé founding product, infant cereal, has helped mothers in their daily meal preparation for weaning babies and beyond. Trusted by moms over generations, our infant cereals celebrate the milestone of baby’s first food. We recognize the importance of family eating together and strive to deliver nutritious baby food to complement your little one’s meals.

Whichever approach you take on - conventional weaning or baby led weaning, we believe that every meal that is crafted by moms are the best – they are the most hearty and delicious!
Let’s Eat!

CERELAC® - The nutritious headstart

Did you know that there are more to the great tasting CERELAC®?

  • Contains added vitamins and minerals to support growth and development, which include both iron & vitamin C to enhance absorption of iron
  • Contains BIFIDUS BL probiotics, to help fight harmful bacteria thereby maintaining a healthy digestive system
  • Contains DHA and they are important building blocks of the brain and eyes
  • Made with baby grade ingredients - ingredients that are grown especially for babies
  • No added artificial colorings and preservatives

With the various CERELAC® cereal options to choose from, there’s always different taste & texture for your little ones!

CERELAC Infant Cereals New Look

Watch out for our new look Nestlé CERELAC Infant Cereals with the red CERELAC logo from September 2018 onwards. Don’t worry though, there’s no change to the yummy goodness inside. One serve of CERELAC continues to provide more than 50% of baby’s daily iron needs*. 

CERELAC Infant Cereals also contain Bifidus BL probiotics, DHA along with other vitamins and minerals to support growth and development. Made with carefully selected crops, these cereals can be easily mixed with a spoonful of your baby’s favourite vegetable or fruit puree for a tasty variation. Let’s Eat!

*HPB Recommended Daily Allowance for iron is 7mg for a 7-12 months old baby. 1 serving of CERELAC (50g of cereal powder +150ml of warm water) provided 5mg of iron.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  The new CERELAC packs look different, has there been a change in the cereal recipes?
A: There has been no change to CERELAC infant cereals formulation. This is only a packaging change.

Q: Why can’t I find CERELAC Rice & Milk, Rice & Soya and Wheat & Honey anymore?
A: Due to streamlining of portfolio, CERELAC Rice & Milk, Rice & Soya and Wheat & Honey will no longer be available upon stock depletion at the retailer’s stores. For babies from 6 months onwards, you may want to try our CERELAC Rice or Brown Rice and for babies from 8 months onwards, you may want to try Wheat, Honey & Dates. Do check out our CERELAC range of products here.

Q: I have received a cereal sample (CERELAC Rice/Brown Rice) in a sachet format. It looks different from your new packaging. Are they the same?
A: Yes, the content inside is the same. 

Should you have further enquiries, please contact us at 800 601 1633.

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